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Canadian painter, poet and author, Paul Hartal, was born in Szeged, Hungary

His extensive exhibition record includes shows at the Musee du Chateau Ramezay in Montreal (2005),the Lincoln Center in New York (2001),
Seoul International Fine Arts Center, Korea (1998), NASA Space Center,
Houston, TX (1994), Musee de la Poste, Paris (1993), Sion Museum,
Switzerland (1990), as well as many other venues. His canvas, Flowers for Cézanne, displayed at the Musee du Luxembourg in the French capital, won the Prix de Paris (1978).

The originator of Lyco Art, Hartal published in 1975 A Manifesto on Lyrical
Conceptualism, introducing a new idea of art concerned with the creative process, cultural transformation and the human condition. Lyco Art expands the boundaries of aesthetics and identifies the meaning of art with its life serving purpose.


In 1987 Hartal formed the Centre for Art, Science and Technology. In Mazes
for the Mind, Clifford Pickover says, "The Centre facilitates the exchange
of ideas between the various domains of human knowledge".

Hartal's critically acclaimed books include The Brush and the Compass (art
and science), Love Poems, Painted Melodies (painting and music), The
Kidnapping of the Painter Miro (novel), A History of Architecture, and Postmodern
Light (poetry).

His art works explore connections between painting, music, poetry, science
and mathematics. They probe the riddle of mind and matter, delve into the
enigmatic world of dreams, and celebrate the mystery of creation and the
miracle of existence.


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